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So I found this store online that sells different types of stylish curtains that suit everyone's different tastes. For me, one of the things that could make a room feels complete is when you finish it with a good curtain. Different curtains can bring different moods in a room. Now, let's see some of Highendcurtain's collection down below of this post. You can click on all the images here on my post to go directly to its site's page for more details of it. 


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You guys must visit this shoes store called FSJ. They retail all kinds of shoes and even accept customized orders from their customers. They all have different styles from agraffe to vintage ones. And for me I was attracted most with these two styles here, both vintage looking. The smule sandals that can go well with most outfits and the other one is the summer-y chunky heels which is great for pastel-colored outfits.


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Lately I've been loving white ensembles. Well for us petite and skinny girls, I think white will be better than to wear the little black dress that everyone loves and every girl must have in their closet. Also I'm getting fond of this kind of girly-not-so-girly outfit so I mixed up laces, knitted, and this culotte men-like pants, and adding a pair of socks I think makes it a bit girlish. Contrasting? Yes.